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Nearly 27 years of business development, JUDA Machinery (BANGDA Shoe-making Machinery) has been supported by the great community and our customers, it is in the common interest of everyone's expectations and consistent from beginning to end, let us continue to grow, hard work, in the deep root in the shoe machine industry, become a leader in shoe-making equipment industry.

Experiencing, JUDA Machinery (BANGDA Shoe-making Machinery) always adhere to the continuous exploration, brave struggle, hard work style, study technology, overcome difficulties, and a large number of like-minded colleagues Humian mutual respect, mutual complementarity, the difficult career translated into creative work, the ordinary working accumulation into a magnificent performance. The road is long, come, although we have made some achievements, but pay more attention to long-term development. We adhere to the "Time will not wait for me., seize the day" sense of urgency and mission to work full of passion into the torch of the development of a new round of upsurge to redouble their efforts to work, and effectively improve the efficiency, the pursuit of excellent quality, realize the brand enterprises, enterprises with torch growing, serve the society, to serve the employees the realization of self value.

Has always been to "forge excellent brand, share the fruits of victory" to Master torch career mission, with strong business strength, wide marketing network, excellent corporate culture, encourage us to steadily forward, I believe that in the near future, we will go farther and higher. Sincere thanks to our customers and those concerned about JUDA & BANGDA!

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